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Things That Make Me Want to Scream: 51 Buffalo Shot & Killed for Roaming

March 22, 2010


That was me screaming.  I am also throwing my hands up in the air in disbelief, and trying to quell the INTENSE desire to throttle pretty much every human being in this story.

Let me give you a quick recap:

Down in Texas, some jerk (Wayne Kirk) owns a HUNTING RANCH.  He has all these buffalo there and other humans pay him $3,500 to shoot one.  To “hunt” one – where hunting is defined as “domesticating animals, fencing them in, and then shooting them for fun”.   You know, that kind of hunting.  Anyway, 51 of Mr. Kirk’s buffalo get out of their fencing and roam onto another lovely human’s ranch – the ranch belonging to Jackie Doyle Hill.  Mr. Hill then shoots all 51 of them because he was annoyed that they were on his property.  Now Mr. Kirk is suing Mr. Hill because of all the money lost because Mr. Hill didn’t pay him $3,500 to shoot each of those 51 buffalo.  Mr. Kirk says this is a “terrible injustice!”


Well, I guess that is the one thing I can agree with Mr. Kirk on: this was a terrible injustice!  But I really couldn’t care less that Mr. Kirk is losing out on the money he would have gotten from paying killers.  My concern here is that no one in this story even mentions a) how disgusting “hunting ranches” are, (I mean, people actually PAY to come and shoot an animal that can’t escape????) and b) that these animals are more than just dollar signs.  They were living, breathing, sentient beings who existed for their own purposes – purposes that had nothing to do with making Mr. Kirk thousands of dollars.  Instead, they’re just seen as objects to be shot and killed for sport or out of annoyance.

The story ends with Mr. Kirk saying this:  “Slaughtering animals, to me, and I think the state feels the same way — in fact I know the governor’s office does — is a terrible injustice.”

I find this interesting.  Something tells me that the governor’s office could not care less that animals are slaughtered, since billions of animals are slaughtered every year in this country for human consumption alone.  The governor’s office might care about Mr. Kirk’s lost revenue, but something tells me the sympathy starts and ends there–with money.

I am so appalled.  What Mr. Hill did is despicable, without a doubt, but Mr. Kirk is kidding himself if he thinks he’s any better.

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